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C.H.A.N.G.E a formulation of products created by NAMARU for our line of luxury raw hair extensions. C.H.A.N.G.E consist of our exclusive blend of botanical and fruit extracts. Our line is encouraged to maintain longevity of your extensions and promote health and growth of your natural hair.


Cleanse- A moisturizing formulation dedicated to remove buildup of debris from product saturation and external elements.

Hydrate- A conditioner formulated for dry and natural hair textures. This concoction of moisturizing agents along with organic fruit and nut oils provides excessive moisture for a dry mane and slip for manageability.

Nourish- An elixir of exotic fruit and nut oils blended to stimulate hair growth, strength and, moisture retention. Excellent for use around hair-line, nape and , scalp to encourage growth.

Groom- A light-weight non-greasy serum formulated to decrease frizz, polish strands and moisturize. Groom is perfect for Flat-Ironing  and Heat Styling.